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The board room review is a crucial part of the governance process for a company. The board may take advantage...


The board room review is a crucial part of the governance process for a company. The board may take advantage of this occasion to assess whether the skills and experience of its members match with the company’s strategic requirements. The board can identify the gaps in its expertise and identify future opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the board.

A company’s board is its most critical governing body, making decisions that impact everyone involved, from the employees who work at the organization to the investors who own its shares. It is therefore essential that the motherboard is in good condition so that it functions wisely. A peer-review of the board is a method to ensure it is functioning properly. These can be challenging to manage, as they typically involve a substantial component of criticism, and require skilled facilitation.

The Board Room and Speakeasy, located in a strip mall grandly named the Del Prado Shopping Center in Novato is a great experience to visit. Munther Massarweh, the executive chef and owner (Rickey’s Restaurant and Scrumptious Occasions Catering, both located in Novato) and designer Michael Brennan worked to re-create the supper club that can be found in the mid-century period of Kansas City or Chicago. The décor features a trompe-l’oeil of bookcases that open to reveal the speakeasy.

Founded in 2004, Boardroom Review Limited offers confidential advice and works with senior decision makers to enhance the effectiveness of boards and increase their resilience. It has a wealth of experience in PLC, mutual, and private equity owned companies across many different sectors.

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